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  • Alessandra Corrêa

Introversion as an Ally*

Atualizado: 7 de jul. de 2023

If you are an introvert, you usually need to expend a lot of energy to be in groups, talk in public, be more assertive, and show yourself. There are several helpful strategies for saving and utilizing your energy more effectively, and thereby managing and using your introversion as an ally.

The first is to save energy on other things so you can focus on what you know will take up a lot from you. Take a few minutes alone, relax, and review the important points you need to get through before a meeting with a large group (for the introvert, 10 or 15 people can be a crowd). If exercise gives you energy, consider getting up earlier and starting moving. Before you enter uncomfortable or tough situations, try to do what gives you the most energy and attention.

If you're planning a lengthier event, such as a conference or a meeting that will last several hours, check if you can schedule time to recharge your battery throughout the event. Can you go out for a cup of coffee or a glass of water? Find a quiet spot to breathe, concentrate, or even make a phone call. Take a moment to adjust your tie or powder your nose. Will there be vendor booths? Come to a halt at one of them. The objective is to find ways to recharge your batteries, even if only for a few minutes, throughout the event.

Planning is the most effective tool, essential in so many situations, and it becomes particularly important for the introvert. Make a mental map of the situations you might encounter before an event or meeting. Who will be there? Who will you have to speak with? What do you need to communicate? Is there going to be somebody there who intimidates or makes you uncomfortable for some reason? (If this is the case, plan ahead of time what to say if you find yourself in their presence).

The introvert carefully considers his or her words before speaking, and as a result, may miss the timing of the subject in a meeting, for example. Planning is also required for this. Plan what you'll say and how you'll say it and attempt to be the first to speak to prevent convincing yourself otherwise.

If you believe it is necessary, practice aloud. Listening to what you have to say might help you choose the right words and tone of voice. Take note of your posture as well. A more erect stance not only demonstrates but also instills confidence in you.

Another trait shared by introverts is that they are usually very observant people, able to read their surroundings and catch nuances that others do not. They listen more carefully, process information thoroughly, and ponder before speaking. These are essential characteristics for an effective decision-making process and dispute resolution, both of which are necessary attributes for a competent leader.

Numerous characteristics of introversion can be employed positively and productively. Learn to perceive introversion as a benefit. Plan and make introversion your ally.

By Alessandra P G Corrêa

*The text was first published in Portuguese on the Head Energy blog.

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