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Atualizado: 7 de jul. de 2023

Several decisions, both big and small, are made during a negotiation process. We determine the scope, values, and information to share. We also decided on table seating, language, and who would be our representative.

We frequently question whether we are on the right track and making decisions that are not only effective but also ethical.

Walking the ethical path is always important. We must remember that our reputation as negotiators and professionals is built and strengthened with each decision and action.

Answering the five questions suggested by Harvard's Program on Negotiation is a good way to determine whether our decisions are ethical.

1. Do I want other people to treat me or someone I care about in the same way?

2. Would I be comfortable if my actions were the subject of a newspaper article?

3. Would I feel comfortable telling my best friend, spouse, or children what I'm up to?

4. Would I advise anyone to behave in this manner?

5. How will this act affect how people perceive and remember me?

The answers to these questions will most likely point us in the right direction. This will not always be the easiest path, in fact, it will most likely be the most difficult, but it will undoubtedly bring us the most rewards and benefits in the medium and long term.

By Alessandra P G Corrêa

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